Tankless Water Heaters No One Wants You To Know

Tankless water heaters are all the rage right now as they are being dubbed the most energy efficient option available to homeowners. Of course, everyone wants to give more hype to these appliances than may be reasonable and no one wants to discuss the downsides to going tankless. Sure, the idea of not having a giant tank take up valuable space or a seemingly endless supply of hot water may seem like reason enough to go with a tankless heater, but not so fast!

  1. *What no one wants you to know is that tankless water heaters can be extremely expensive. Not only is the appliance itself costly, but the costs of installation can easily spring your investment into the thousands. Should you prefer a gas model over an electric one, be prepared to open your wallet accordingly.
  2. *A tankless water heater does have limited output and won’t be able to supply enough hot water for your household if two people are showering, the washing machine is running, and you also need to rinse dishes all at the same time. Even though traditional water heaters run out of water eventually, you know exactly how much water is in your tank. On the other hand, there’s only a certain amount of water that an on-demand heating unit can heat.
  3. *Not all homes are able to accommodate the needs of a tankless water heater. For electric heaters, homes need to be completely rewired in order for the hookup to work. With a gas unit, you need your main gas line to be able to support the amount of BTUs that your water heater will put out. If you’re connected to an old gas line, this could be a major issue.
  4. *Certain research studies have been conducted on the actual energy efficiency of tankless water heaters. The conclusive evidence supports that if any energy savings are to be had, they will even out years after installation. Gas powered tanks will still burn fuel even when not in use and electric tankless heaters must work overtime to heat the water you need. The reality is that these heaters are still a work in progress at best.
  5. *You’ve probably been told that tankless water heaters take up minimal space, but did anyone tell you that location matters? Gas heaters need to be properly hooked up to a vent, and electric water heaters can only be a certain distance from the originating circuit breaker.
  6. *Though your water heater is reputed to last for 20 years, it doesn’t mean maintenance won’t be necessary. In fact, you have to have your unit cleaned professionally every year for lime deposits.

Small households and homeowners looking to spend extra money for an eco-friendly water heater, should automatically opt for something tankless. With that being said, if you have an older home and a large family, traditional water heaters, though bulky, are still your best bet for running your household effectively.

How To Choose The Most Useful Trekking Pole Reviews


Hiking poles are a very good idea. They can help you improve your balance while trekking or climbing mountains. They can take over a part of your body weight, thus protecting your knees, hips, and ankles. They can also serve as a tripod for your camera so that you don’t have to carry a lot of equipment with you. Several years ago, only experienced hikers used trekking poles. Nonetheless, more and more people started to see their advantages, so today we can rarely see a hiker without them. This makes those who haven’t tried them yet wish to get a pair for their next trip. However, finding the right poles for your height, weight and hiking preferences can be daunting, as there are hundreds of possible options, all chocked-full of features that can ease your life on the mountains.

When using reviews to find more information about various models of trekking poles, you need to be careful who has written them in the first place, as this can influence your experience a good deal. A day hiker is going to have different needs than a seasoned mountaineer who lives almost exclusively for climbing the highest mountains out there.

Wading through reviews can take quite a while, seeing that you have to figure out if those people have the same needs as you do. Nonetheless, this activity can be highly rewarding, because it would enable you to learn a lot of things very hard to figure out by yourself. For instance, you may not know it, but cork handles are the best, as they offer a very comfortable grip, without becoming too hot during summer and cold during winter. They may not be as durable as rubber ones, but if you prefer a soft and gentle touch, you may be willing to replace your trekking poles more often, only to have this extra benefit that can add comfort and pleasure to your hiking adventures. On the other hand, if you intend to take your poles on long trips on challenging terrain, you need them to be as sturdy as possible. Besides, you may also want them to have an adjustable length, to be able to enjoy a perfect experience each and every time. However, there may be multiple models that boost all these features. How to decide which one is the best? This is the role of reviews; they can shed some light on this matter, allowing you to know what to expect from these poles, before actually purchasing them yourself. This can save you from a lot of hassle in the future, as you won’t have to return your poles and ask for a refund. You’d know not to buy them in the first place, as you’d already know what other users have experienced. This is the real value of user reviews, and this is also why some brands thrive while others barely survive the fierce competition in this industry.

If you want to find the most useful reviews, you should define your priorities to start with, and work your way from there. Instead of reading hundreds of opinions on trekking poles that don’t satisfy your requirements, you are going to take into consideration only the ones that target the specific poles you may wish to buy. This is the fastest way to do your market research, and a good opportunity to find the best hiking poles to match your needs. All you need is to be smart and trust other consumers, as we are more similar to each other than we can imagine.

Trekking Pole Buying Guide

Trekking poles are also known as hiking sticks, hiking poles and walking poles. These poles are used as an accessory by people to help them walk over rough terrain as it helps them in maintaining a rhythm to the movement. These work similar to ski poles and have a basket at the base, padded handles and rest straps. The major difference between ski poles and trekking poles is that these poles are retractable and are usually made in two or three sections which mean these can be easily collapsed.

Most of the models available in the market have a length of around 54 inches but these can also be conveniently carried in the backpack when not in use. As far as the materials for making the trekking poles is concerned, most of the models available in the market are made from carbon fiber or aluminum as these are lightweight.

While these may not provide too much support on flat surfaces, their real advantage lies in the support they offer on rough terrain as well as on steep slopes as these help in enhancing stability. Some of the advanced models available these days may also be used as tent poles as well as for setting up a shelter.

Trekking Poles Reviews

As mentioned above, there are some different models available in the market, but there are some things you need to consider to choose the right trekking pole that will last a long time and is available at an affordable price. Here is a list of some of the factors you need to consider while shopping for trekking poles:

One of the most important things you need to consider is the design as well as a number of sections. There are many popular designs including two section poles, three section poles as well as folding poles, and each of these have their advantages. The two section poles tend to be stiffer, but they are also stronger and are considered best for people who want a more robust product. The downside of two section poles is that these may be awkward to carry as these do not fold down to a smaller size similar to some of the other poles.

The three section trekking poles are the most common type. These can be easily fitted inside a backpack and are considered best for backpackers who like to climb mountains. However, the disadvantage of these three section poles is that these are not as strong as the two section poles. There are also the folding poles that are very lightweight and compact but do not have the strength of two section or three section poles. Also, these tend to be shorter than the standard poles and are considered suitable for only light to moderate use.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is the material of the trekking poles. As mentioned in the beginning, these are available in aluminum as well as carbon fiber. Aluminum trekking poles tend to be stronger as compared to the carbon fiber, but the carbon fiber poles are lightweight as compared to the aluminum poles.

Some of the latest models also feature shock absorbers that work great for people who suffer from wrist pain, but everyone does not like the shock absorbers as it reduces stability. There are also different types of handles, and you can choose one based on your preferences.

Overall, these are some of the factors you need to consider while buying trekking poles. It is important that you check the reviews and ratings of various models before buying to make sure that you are buying the best quality trekking poles at the right price.

Are Trekking Pole Reviews Useful?

Most people have the habit of searching online for reviews before making an important purchase. Some go as far as to spending days or even weeks reading such reviews and trying to understand what they can expect if they choose a certain brand or model.

Trekking poles are an important purchase, as they can save you from getting injured on the mountains or in difficult hikes. This is why you need to pay attention when you choose them, as various types have various characteristics, so you have to find the ones that suit your preferences and requirements.

Trekking pole reviews are useful, but only if you read the right ones. Moreover, they have to be unbiased, so you can’t trust the ones published by various manufacturers on their websites. The best ones can be found on third party websites, on websites that sell products from multiple manufacturers, so they don’t have a bias toward any of them. They make a profit regardless your choice, so their reviews have more chances to be honest.

When reading reviews, you have to understand the profile of the user who has written them, as it is extremely important. You can’t trust the review of an old lady who wants some poles to support her weight and improve her balance on her way to the church if your dream is to go out there and conquer mountain tops. There are poles designed to help mountaineers in their adventures, and poles which work best for people in cities, who enjoy brisk walks in the park. There are compact poles that can be carried around for many long hours, and poles that wouldn’t be suitable for this kind of hike.

When you first read the information on official websites off various manufacturers, you can learn about various features of trekking poles and their benefits to you. However, only a real user would be able to tell you whether he or she had a good experience with certain poles. This is why reviews are useful. They are the written word-of-mouth of the virtual world. They can guide you in your purchasing process, so that you don’t fall for various marketing messages, only to discover that you aren’t quite happy with your poles.

However, there’s something you need to be careful about when counting on reviews to make a choice. You have to consider only reviews written by people who share your demographic profile and your hiking intentions and habits. Climbing the mountains on a harsh and rugged terrain requires a different kind of poles than desert trekking, for instance. By reading reviews from mountaineers, you are going to be sure the poles you are going to choose will be suitable for this type of adventure. You have to match the experience of the hiker leaving a review with your personal experience and needs so that you can choose something that would suit you.



The right thing to do is to inform yourself on possible features such as adjustable length, pole weight, durability and grip, and then figure out what would be the most important features you’d like to find in your purchase. Once you’ve decided upon your priorities, you can go ahead and find reviews that stress exactly those features. If a good grip matters to you very much, you should buy the pair of trekking poles that offers the best grip. If most reviewers say a particular brand or model doesn’t have such a good grip, you may want to eliminate it from your list and move on to other brands that behave much better in this respect. You can guide your choice by reviews, but you need to do it the right way.