Are Trekking Pole Reviews Useful?

Most people have the habit of searching online for reviews before making an important purchase. Some go as far as to spending days or even weeks reading such reviews and trying to understand what they can expect if they choose a certain brand or model.

Trekking poles are an important purchase, as they can save you from getting injured on the mountains or in difficult hikes. This is why you need to pay attention when you choose them, as various types have various characteristics, so you have to find the ones that suit your preferences and requirements.

Trekking pole reviews are useful, but only if you read the right ones. Moreover, they have to be unbiased, so you can’t trust the ones published by various manufacturers on their websites. The best ones can be found on third party websites, on websites that sell products from multiple manufacturers, so they don’t have a bias toward any of them. They make a profit regardless your choice, so their reviews have more chances to be honest.

When reading reviews, you have to understand the profile of the user who has written them, as it is extremely important. You can’t trust the review of an old lady who wants some poles to support her weight and improve her balance on her way to the church if your dream is to go out there and conquer mountain tops. There are poles designed to help mountaineers in their adventures, and poles which work best for people in cities, who enjoy brisk walks in the park. There are compact poles that can be carried around for many long hours, and poles that wouldn’t be suitable for this kind of hike.

When you first read the information on official websites off various manufacturers, you can learn about various features of trekking poles and their benefits to you. However, only a real user would be able to tell you whether he or she had a good experience with certain poles. This is why reviews are useful. They are the written word-of-mouth of the virtual world. They can guide you in your purchasing process, so that you don’t fall for various marketing messages, only to discover that you aren’t quite happy with your poles.

However, there’s something you need to be careful about when counting on reviews to make a choice. You have to consider only reviews written by people who share your demographic profile and your hiking intentions and habits. Climbing the mountains on a harsh and rugged terrain requires a different kind of poles than desert trekking, for instance. By reading reviews from mountaineers, you are going to be sure the poles you are going to choose will be suitable for this type of adventure. You have to match the experience of the hiker leaving a review with your personal experience and needs so that you can choose something that would suit you.

The right thing to do is to inform yourself on possible features such as adjustable length, pole weight, durability and grip, and then figure out what would be the most important features you’d like to find in your purchase. Once you’ve decided upon your priorities, you can go ahead and find reviews that stress exactly those features. If a good grip matters to you very much, you should buy the pair of trekking poles that offers the best grip. If most reviewers say a particular brand or model doesn’t have such a good grip, you may want to eliminate it from your list and move on to other brands that behave much better in this respect. You can guide your choice by reviews, but you need to do it the right way.